The Tennessee Structural Assessment and Visual Evaluation (TNSAVE) Coalition is a group of professional organizations whose objective is to help the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) develop and maintain a post-disaster building inspector program. TNSAVE serves TEMA and the State of Tennessee to identify and recruit, train and organize, and mobilize building inspectors following a disaster such as an earthquake or tornado. TNSAVE Members are usually engineers, architects, building inspectors/enforcement, or other construction and design professionals with an interest in serving following a disaster.

To be eligible to volunteer to perform building evaluations for TEMA following a disaster, you must have taken our training or an approved alternate within the last 3 years. We are offering for training classes in 2017 on Procedures for Post-Disaster Safety Evaluation of Buildings:

Knoxville           March 24
Nashville           April 28
Jackson              August 18
Chattanooga    October 25

The classes last 1 day. Architects and engineers receive 7 professional development hours for attending. The fee is $75 if you are a member of one of our sponsoring organizations (AIA, TNSEA, ASCE, ACEC, SAME, AGC, TSPE, and ASCE Geo-Institute), and $125 for non-members. Lunch is provided with your fee.

You can register for one of these classes by visiting and by clicking on the event button. For more information about TNSAVE, please go to our website at